What is Android Accessibility and TalkBack?

TalkBack is the Android smartphone screenreader that makes buttons and words talk to you when you explore the screen. It is one of several disability options you will find in Accessibility on the Android Settings screen. To get the benefit of Android Accessibility and its TalkBack speech and magnification options, go to Android Settings, Accessibility, (near the bottom of the list), turn it on, (top right of screen) and tick the functions you think you will need. People who can’t see what is on screen will always need Accessibility and TalkBack turned on. If you don’t need speech output and can see the large coloured Georgiephone buttons, best have Accessibility turned off and you can go to GeorgiePhone Preferences from time to time and turn speech on when you need it. To get to and make changes to Accessibility, do one of the following:
• Set GeorgiePhone User Level to Advanced or Expert because Standard prevents beginners disturbing GeorgiePhone preferences.
• Within Android Accessibility, Tick Turn ON Accessibility Shortcut. Thereafter, there will be an Accessibility button at the top of the Power Off screen which is very handy.