How do I prepare my new phone for use?

All this can be done by your sales person but you might want to do it yourself, especially if you buy a phone online.
Switch on by pressing the Power button for three seconds.
You may have to unlock the phone with a three finger swipe up the screen.
Select Language.
Select Accessibility and TalkBack If you are a speech user.
Set up “Show Accessibility Shortcut”. From now on you touch buttons to hear them and double tap to make things happen.
Select Next, bottom right of the screen in a hard to see green colour.
Select Wi-Fi and connect. There is a scan option bottom middle of the screen. Creating a Samsung account is optional.
To download apps such as the Georgie range which are chargeable, you will need to set up a Google account so that you can pay. Create a new Google account or use your existing one. Here, using the on-screen keyboard is difficult for the novice. Explore with a finger and remove the finger when you hear the letter or symbol you want. There is a visual Capcha to overcome.
Make a note of the Google account details and keep in a safe place.
Google updating will take place and this will take time, especially if you have an existing account.
Set up a Dropbox account if you want it.
Accept or modify the name of your phone, e.g. “Bill’s phone”.
Tip: Flick fingers from right to left or vice Versa to switch between screens.
The screen going blank every 30 seconds might be irritating. Go to Android settings, Display, and set timeout or sleep to e.g. five minutes.
You might also like for now to untick screen rotate to prevent the display going to landscape when you move the phone.