How do I download GeorgiePhone Apps?

To download Georgie apps, go to applications, the checked square bottom right of the screen.
Go to Google Play Store.
Choose Apps at top left of screen.
Select the search magnifying glass at top right. The on-screen keyboard appears and you can choose to have predictive personal information or not.
Type GeorgiePhone.
Select the search magnifying glass icon bottom right of the screen. A list of available Georgie apps appears and the procedure for downloading for all of them is the same.
Select the app you want.
Select the price, top right of screen.
Then select permissions and Accept, bottom right of screen.
Select Buy. You will only be shown the last four digits of your payment card. The app will automatically install and you then can choose between uninstalling or opening it.
When you have installed a Georgie app, reboot your phone.
The back button takes you back into the app store.
From now on, if you have Georgie Launcher or GeorgiePhone, it may be easier to buy more Georgie apps from the Georgie app store on your phone.