"I have stuck with GeorgiePhone since its early days and been through the ups and downs of its development. I now have the full set of apps and all the little glitches seem to have been sorted. Well done, it's a lifeline for me."


"Pete called me to give us feedback and his words were literally “Wow , wow , wow what can I say ! Georgiephone is fantastic”


“for anyone who wants simplicity, and a phone that has quick, easy access, this is the phone you're looking for. There's no need for any eye strain or sore thumbs, it’s all designed around the easiest swift finger movements.”
Molly Watt, founder of the Molly Watt Trust, supporting people with Usher Syndrome.

Helping Each Other

“My grandfather recently purchased a GeorgiePhone and I have had some training with him from you to help him get to grips with it. It really has changed his life and given him so much independence back. He is 91 and living alone and virtually blind so this enables him to do simple things sighted people take for granted like reading his post! I myself am very impressed with the phone and got to grips with it pretty easily. Seeing the look on his face today was amazing! Heartfelt thanks.”

Emergency Help

"I might be 80 but I love gadgets so treated myself to the full house of GeorgiePhone apps and the best phone I could buy. I walk in the park every day and go to town on the bus. If I get into bother, I press the Assistance Button and my mate is right there for me. Keep up you youngsters!"

Bus Travel Made Easy

“I had such a wonderful bus journey home, just have to tell you about it. I was waiting at the bus stop with nobody else about and Georgie Buses told me that at 13.07 the 47 would arrive. I felt far more orientated and safer knowing when the next bus was coming, and that I was on the right side of the road made a huge difference. As I was travelling on the bus it kept announcing the next stop without me having to do anything. I am thrilled to bits. Somehow the bus driver dropped me at a wrong stop, but Georgie Places “Where am I” confirmed where I was.”


“We recently got on the wrong bus. When we got off we had no idea where we were, and there was nobody around to help. I got out my phone, went to Georgie Places “Where am I” button and got the address for where we were standing, went to the “Taxi” button to find the nearest taxi, phoned them and told them where we were standing and the taxi arrived within five minutes. What a relief!”

Low cost

"I just wanted to say well done. The new GeorgiePhone is a really good product for ordinary blind users. When you consider the individual costs of a GPS, a scanner-reader and user friendly mobile etc., The Georgie apps must be much less expensive."
Carole (Manchester)


"Having been unable to fathom smartphones before I met Georgiephone, this has given me the opportunity to join the modern communication network. Texting, which was restricted to sending very short simple messages, usually strangely spelt, is now so easy, and relevant information is available on the move. I feel I have much more freedom and confidence to get out and about on my own.”

The Good Old Days

"I recently spent an evening with my brother and had a fabulous time reminiscing about our childhood and asking YouTube to play us all sorts of music from the forties and fifties."


"I have had many phones over the years but never felt comfortable with them. Even the iPhone4s became very difficult to use. Then there was Georgie, more than a phone. I can do my weekly shopping and live a very independent life. All thanks to the Georgie phone. I could go on!"


"I have had the whole Georgie bundle a while and have recorded landmarks on my regular routes. The first time I walked to my nearest shopping centre, over a mile away on isolated footpaths I was quite nervous as it’s easy to take the wrong turn, but I had Georgie in my pocket and my landmarks spoke as I passed them. I had the extra reassurance of knowing that I could ring for help or a taxi if I got lost, and could find out the nearest bus stop too."
Margaret - Peterborough

A Blind Photographer

"I always loved my camera and now along comes a talking camera on the phone with a big viewfinder screen. The GeorgiePhone camera says ‘3 2 1’ giving me precious time to get stuff in to focus and there is no jerk or shake because the shutter is already pressed. I am legally blind but remain very visual and still a photographer. How cool is this!!!"


Thank you so much for dealing with my wife's phone i cannot tell you how much independence it has given her. she can now go out alone with confidence. She now has her friends and family at hand.
Linda and Pete Bowskill