The Peterborough Independent Travel Project

GeorgiePhone apps are the centre piece of a pilot smart city project in Peterborough to encourage blind people to get out and about.

GeorgiePhone is well under way with a three month project which will encourage and support 30 blind people to travel independently within the city and out to a local leisure park with the aid of its travel and navigation apps. Smartphones are being loaned to participants giving them access to a full range of bus information, walking directions and where Am I reassurance throughout all journeys. The project has been funded by the Peterborough Innovation DNA team which has responsibility for smart city innovation. A detailed route has been planned out to the Ferry Meadows park who are providing a Map of All of the lovely walks, lakes and river so that all the café, sailing walking and nature facilities are made available to everyone, regardless of sight loss. We are proud to be part of such collaboration and hope other cities and towns will follow Peterborough’s lead in encouraging blind and partially-sighted people to travel independently. Very soon, we plan to post photos and videos of the action.