Getting Out And About With Georgie - Nominet.

What can GeorgiePhone do?

GeorgiePhone transforms the lives of its users by helping them perform day-to-day tasks independently. There are over 30 easy to use tools and utilities built into every GeorgiePhone.

Here are just five examples of how they can help every single day:

  • Find your favourite red t-shirt or pair your socks
    (With Colour Recognition)
  • Read the mail or a menu in a café
    (With Document Scanner/Reader)
  • Open a tin of tomatoes rather than a can of custard!
    (With Object Recognition)
  • Keep in touch with your family and friends
    (Using Voice Text and Simple Dialler)
  • Travel in to town to meet friends or to go to the shops
    (Using Talking Directions and Bus Finder with Journey Tracker)

Owning GeorgiePhone is life changing, to find out more about full range of features here>>

You are never alone with a GeorgiePhone!

GeorgiePhone provides peace of mind for carers and family members too. Besides making it easy for users to keep in touch via phone or text and to enjoy a more independent life, it also enables them to quickly contact a loved one or carer if they get lost or need assistance.

At the touch of a button GeorgiePhone will send a message that asks for assistance and that also contains a map of their precise location.

Which GeorgiePhone do I need?

There are four models in the GeorgiePhone range, starting from just £30 per month (24 month contract) or £319* on Pay As You Go. There is even a gift wrapping service if you wish to buy a Georgiephone for a loved one.

Each model is ready to use out of the box, includes the full suite of applications, a printed and audio user guide, free training to get you started quickly and free support.

To buy a GeorgiePhone call FREE on 0800 999 3358. Our friendly team of Georgie Experts will help you choose the best model to suit your needs.